Parenting is hard... right?

As parents we are responsible for raising sons and daughters who know God’s love, kindness, and grace—and that in and of itself is a huge challenge. But what’s more is parents today tend to be overcommitted, overwhelmed, and overloaded. Sound familiar? 

If you’re looking to boost your parenting game, we’ve got online content and a list of resources to help you do just that. Keep scrolling to get some tips on how to take your parenting to the next level.

Made for More Than Parenting

Grab the resources talked about in week two of our Made for More sermon series below! 



Content For All Parents

Watch the main-session content from our Nxt Level Parent Conference in January, 2022.

Play Video about Know Your Role
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Additional Content Just For You

The following breakout sessions focus on specific challenges parents face through all ages, stages, and circumstances.

Play Video about Biblical Wisdom for Raising Sons
Play Video about What Your Daughters Need to Thrive
Play Video about Parenting Adult Children
Play Video about Loving and Leading a Child with Special Needs
Play Video about Help! These Kids are Ruining My Marriage
Play Video about Understanding Your Kids' Brain
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Nxt Level Parent Resources

Dive deeper into the many resources used to create content for our Nxt Level Parent Conference. Check out this curated list of books, podcasts, and videos!